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FaceIt is a platform for improving your skills, monitor your progress, and join community competitions. It’s free.


Add CS:GO, Region, and Anti-Cheat

Add CS:GO as your game of choice in your settings, and select 'SEA' as your region. You must also download and install the FaceIt Client. Anti-Cheat is a must in the CSGO2ASIA League, so make sure you have the anti-cheat installed too.


Discord & TeamSpeak

Voice communication is mandatory in the CAL. Because of different preferences, as well as some limitations on connectivity, we require both Discord and TeamSpeak for voice communications.



The CAL is a paid subscriber league, however, you can play for free. To access the leaderboards and prizes, you must be a subscriber. Your subscription goes towards the maintenance of the servers, buying our admins coffee, and allowing us to provide better service.

Subscriptions start as low as US$1.66/month.


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You're all set! Join the correct division based on your FACEIT level and begin climbing the ladder today!


Help, I'm confused

Check out our FAQ and read our RULES to understand more.